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Range of services and main activities of the company

  • Mechanical works
    Machining and mechanical repair services; Repair and maintenance of valves; Diagnostics of engines; Repair and maintenance of reciprocating compressors; Commissioning; Diagnostics and repair of diesel generator sets (power plants); Supply of equipment and spare parts; Maintenance and repair services for flare installations; Rent of gas compressors; Repair and reconstruction of electrical distribution equipment; Repair and modernization of compressor equipment; Repair of air screw compressors; Maintenance and repair of gas pumping equipment; Maintenance and repair of compressor units in the field; Maintenance of auxiliary compressor equipment (nitrogen-air station); Maintenance and repair of pumping equipment; Carrying out scheduled maintenance of pumping equipment; All types of repair of pumping equipment (current, medium and major repairs); Equipment alignment using the latest laser systems; Vibrodiagnostics of equipment with the determination of the causes of malfunctions. The company provides services for all types of compressors (piston, screw, mobile, high pressure) of all manufacturers, as well as pumps, electric motors, and generators. We carry out a set of measures, including constant monitoring of the operation of the equipment, assessment of its technical condition, diagnostics, testing, repair.
  • Automation, instrumentation, control systems (PLC)
    Installation of instruments, automation equipment; Installation of automated control systems; Installation of communication equipment; Maintenance of variable frequency drives (VFD); Services for the uninterrupted operation of power electronics of the gas treatment and sulfur production shop; Pre-project inspection of the automation object, problem analysis and development of technical specifications; Comprehensive project planning and technical documentation services for technological projects, including the development of documentation at the preparation stage; Development of application software; Complete hardware and software solutions; Provision of services for the manufacture of equipment to order; Services for installation, supervised installation and commissioning of the equipment of the facility; Operating system implementation services; We specialize in solutions that improve safety and efficiency for our customers. Dostyk West Service Company LLP has broad competencies in the field of process automation. The company is engaged in the purchase and supply of instrumentation and control equipment and process control systems to customer facilities as part of the automation system. Our specialists are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the installation and implementation of automation and telemetry equipment, connection of equipment and production lines, maintenance and repair of instrumentation and process control systems. Installation of the process control system is carried out in accordance with the working draft, as well as accepted industry standards. We have the appropriate licenses and strictly comply with the current rules and requirements for the installation of automation equipment, safety and fire safety regulations. The scope of our knowledge and competencies is not limited to instrumentation and automation and process control systems, but also covers gas and fire detection systems, facility access control, video surveillance, CNC tuning and variable frequency drives. We partner with and use equipment from leading suppliers such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Endress & Hauser, Emerson Process Management (Metran), Danfoss, Rittal, Weintek, Vertiv, MOXA, Phoenix Contact and Pepperl & Fuchs.
  • Electrical installation work
    Electrical work; Electrical installation of separation units, oil treatment units, line heaters; Laying of cable lines 0.4/6/10 kV; Installation of sockets, switches, power connectors; Installation and connection of switchboard equipment; Installation of lighting; Transformer substations 0.4/6/10/35 kV; Our company carries out a full range of activities for electrical installation. Starting from lighting indoor and outdoor, ending with the provision of electricity. We offer the supply of all necessary components and materials for the implementation of work. At the request of the customer, we are also ready to carry out the design, installation and all necessary commissioning. We are fully confident in the high quality of the work performed, therefore, for the entire list of services provided, we provide our customers with a guarantee, additional service and repairs if necessary. The specialists of our organization perform electrical work in accordance with regulatory documents, quality standards and technical standards.
  • Supply of goods
    We supply original equipment and spare parts of the world's leading manufacturers of gas compressors and engines of the brands Ariel, AJAX, Superior, Caterpillar, Waukesha, Jenbacher, as well as many other manufacturers. Dostyk West specializes in supplying a wide range of equipment, machinery and spare parts. Our ability to deliver quality products on time is due to an efficient supply chain management processes. The company has a reputation for reliability and efficiency in the procurement and supply chain management industry. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and deliver customized procurement solutions. Dostyk West's experience in sourcing and supplying a wide range of goods ensures that clients receive high quality products that meet their requirements. The company's expertise in supply chain management enables it to manage the entire procurement process, from sourcing to delivery
  • We also provide construction and installation services:
    Installation of engineering networks and systems, including overhaul and reconstruction, including: - Networks of cold and hot water supply, heat supply, centralized sewerage of domestic, industrial and storm drains, installation of internal water supply systems, heating and sewerage; - Power supply networks and outdoor electric lighting devices, internal electric lighting and electric heating systems; - High and medium pressure gas supply networks, domestic and industrial low pressure gas supply, internal gas supply systems. Installation of process equipment, commissioning related to: - Communication, emergency protection, control and alarm system, blocking in transport, power and water supply facilities, other life support facilities, as well as metering and control devices for industrial purposes; Other: - Installation of metal structures; - Special construction and installation works for the laying of linear structures, including major repairs and reconstruction, including: - Field and main networks of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, as well as main networks of oil product pipelines; - Steel tanks (containers), including those operating under pressure or intended for storage of explosive and flammable or other hazardous (harmful) liquid or gaseous substances;

In the process of providing services, we are driven by the desire to provide first-class solutions for potential Customers and partners.

With experience in the oil and gas industry as part of our management team, we have a deep understanding of the field challenges faced by almost all upstream oil and gas companies. Based on this, we have developed and prepared a number of individual solutions for specific needs. Our team of experts will help support any project in the oil and gas processing process, as well as prepare proposals for improving production activities, taking into account the existing infrastructure.


We are equipped with the latest tools to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our services include equipment maintenance, automation and control system design, process optimization and project development, helping our customers improve their efficiency and maximize production. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service, workmanship and technical expertise.

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